Built tough, built to last . When you protect your well-side from scratches and dents with a genuine Tuf Dek you’re not only protecting your investment by increasing the lifespan of the vehicle and improving the resale value, but you’re also enhancing your vehicles street appeal!

The well-side in your vehicle is subject to a lot of wear and tear, whilst loading or driving, your cargo can scratch and rub your vehicles painted surfaces, Tuf Dek provides the ultimate protection from this. With a 30 year reputation of providing the ultimate well-side protection the name “Tuf Dek” has become synonymous with all utility deck liners.

Tuf Dek provides all-round protection; the liner includes a separate cover for the inside of the tailgate and the over-rail liner protects the top edge of your well-side.



  • Virtually impossible to crack or break
  • Styled to enhance your vehicles look
  • Moulded to the exact shape of your vehicle’s well-side to maximise load space
  • Resistant to sunlight and everyday chemicals
  • Manufactured from high density polyethylene for hard wearing protection
  • The only liner built to fit a Tuf Lok load partitioning system
Look good and work hard with a Tuf Dek Liner.